B.B.A, L.L.B, 5-YEARS INTEGRATED PROGRAM: What?! Where?! Why?! How?!.. Take Informed Decision for Yourself !!

In current fast developing world full of competence, the sweeping changes in the global economic scenario demand a breed of professionals with potential knowledge of law coupled with core essentials of management and business to enhance productivity. Therefore, as soon as you gather you sense and start to decide on building up remarkable career in one focused direction, you might start looking out for unbeatable career option which should provide robust career stability along with consistent scope of growth. Bachelor of Business Administration with Bachelor of Laws i.e. BBA LLB integrated course caters to this demand well and good.

This stream aspires to create a distinguish class of Corporate Lawyers who would not only identify with the intricacies business but because of amalgamation of business administration and law studies students are equally buff up in Corporate Laws and Regulatory Affairs.

The curriculum of this course is completely based on the model curriculum of the Bar Council of India, New Delhi and is at-par with National Law Universities. The course has also introduced subjects such as I.P.R., Cyber Law, Mass Media Law, Patent Law, etc.

As per the course structure of B.B.A. LL.B, an extensive internship during the five years period is compulsory for all students. It can be done with in courts, assisting Advocates, NGOs, Administrative Authorities, Local-Self Governing Authorities Commissions, Tribunals, Legal Firms etc. Legal Departments of Public & Private Companies are also considered.

BBA LLB law course in most of the Top Law Colleges of Bangalore are purposely designed with the pace of latest development in the field of legal studies and the distinctiveness is that they offer specialisation in Constitutional Law and Corporate Law which makes it BBA.LL.B(Hons). It provides an integrated perceptive of the interrelationship of Management Studies and Legal Studies. Through Honours it is intended that it is an advanced academic course because it involves the learning of BBA and Law courses both in profundity. At Top Law Colleges in Bangalore, knowledge of law is imparted by teaching- learning process which is supplemented by a variety of skills, such as advocacy, legal writing, research, mooting and internship in all semesters. Hence for advanced studies and precocious learning in the legal field, Bangalore could undoubtedly be one of the best choices, for Direct Admission in BBA-LLB, amongst other cities of India offering Law colleges for BBA-LLB (Hons) and other Law courses. This fact has been well-supported by prestigious National Law School of India University [NLSIU], Bangalore which is undoubtedly ranked as the top law college in India by all the educational surveys for many years over and over again. That is why all top law colleges in Bangalore set their education level higher than other colleges present in rest of India

14 Top Reasons to Get Direct Admission in BBA LLB at Top Law Colleges of Bangalore:-

  1. Professional Efficiency: If you make up your mind to study BBA LLB integrated course at top renowned law colleges of Bangalore, then surely you get a chance to develop the art of lawyering, including such skills as research, writing, legal analysis, client counselling, negotiation and advocacy. Also, major reputed law colleges in Bangalore intimately nurture the talent of the students by a team of distinguished Judges, Legal Practitioners and Consultants, Social Activist, Corporate Counsels and Faculty Members of law schools across the country.
  2. Learning from Practice: Most of the best colleges offering BBA LLB law program provide opportunities which integrate substantive learning with the practice of law. It also assists students to build up confidence in practical lawyering situations
  3. Promote Professional Ethics and Standards: These colleges help to promote ethical practice of law by sensitizing students to issues of professional responsibility.
  4. Scope for Self-assessment: Studying BBA LLB from these colleges can greatly help in enhancing students’ understanding of their own individual strengths and weaknesses to facilitate self-assessment.
  5. Enhance Employability: With BBA LLB admission in any top college located in Bangalore, you get a chance to explore and understand specific issues relating to workplace such as time management, discipline, workplace culture, teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, and achieving balance in one’s life in a multidisciplinary environment.
  6. Inculcate Communication Skills: Best Colleges of Bangalore providing BBA LLB course help to inculcate all the required skills such as Good oral and written communication skills, Analytical and Reasoning Skills, Initiative, Personal Impact, Resilience, Teamwork, Legal Awareness, Planning and organizing, through its innovative course matrix as well as help to develop the ability to work in a team and multidisciplinary environment with passion and commitment.
  7. Promote Self-directed and Life-long Learning: One of the major reason why you should choose to pursue BBA LLB course through direct admission, admission under management quota or even merit basis admissions only at some of the best colleges present in Bangalore, because you get  a  chance to Continuously updating yourselves in areas and technologies that are relevant to your career, participate in personal development and increasing their understanding of matters that are current and important to society at national and international levels.
  8. Instilling Professionalism: Most of the law colleges in Bangalore play an important role to equip  the students with knowledge, passion and drive to excel as leaders in the legal profession, judiciary, public service, non-profit & non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurships, and corporate entities through internship programmes.
  9. Effective Communication: The BBA LLB Course, if done Bangalore Top Law Colleges, help Graduates to communicate effectively to various stakeholders and practice their profession with high regard to societal needs, diversity, constraints in the professional workplace and ethical responsibilities.
  10. Understanding the Legal System: Students are able to understand the Indian legal system and various principles and theories which the system is based on. They develop the ability to use various legal tools and techniques through classroom and moot court exercises. Students are able to understand and use precedents to construct legal arguments. They are also able to read, understand and interpret statutes and other enacted rules to solve legal problems or construct legal knowledge. They are prepared to predict the probable judicial interpretation of simulated legal disputes. BBA LLB course helps students in learning techniques of persuasive written advocacy and if this 5 year integrated course is done from Top 13 Law College in Bangalore, then, they get access to various online legal databases subscribed by the University/Colleges/Institutes to upgrade to higher learning and research activities.
  11. Active Participation in Professional Training: Students develop the skills to actively participate, as professionals, in legal counselling, advocacy and decision-making through legal aid clinic, workshops, seminars and internship programmes.
  12. Dealing with Contemporary Issues: The students are able to recognize the need for identifying contemporary issues due to changing scenario by participating in classroom debates, special lectures and moot court exercises on latest cases.
  13. Building up Teamwork: The law colleges in Bangalore are best known for enhancing the coordination among students to work in a team through participation in Moot Court competitions, Parliamentary Debates and various other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  14. Honing Communication & Inter-personal Skills: With an exposure to various courses in the field of management and effective communication included in the curriculum, students are able to develop their oral and written communication skills as well as analytical and reasoning power. Students take active part in planning and organizing various events in top law schools including moot court competitions in the national level which strengthen their organizing skills and leadership qualities.


Following Best LAW Colleges in Bangalore exclusively providing BBA LLB course offer boundless career opportunities but have limited seats intake:

  • National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore
  • Christ University (CU), Bangalore
  • PES University
  • Acharya School of Law [ASL, Bangalore
  • The Oxford College of Law, Bangalore
  • IFIM Law College, Bangalore
  • Alliance School of Law, Bangalore
  • Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College, Bangalore
  • Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies (RILS), Bangalore
  • KLE Society’s Law College (KLELC), Bangalore
  • CMR Law College [CMRLC], Bangalore
  • Reva University, Bangalore
  • Presidency University, Bangalore
  • BMS Law College [BMSLC], Bangalore


Students who successfully complete the 5 year integrated BBA-LLB (Hons.)/BA.-LLB (Hons.) programs will be having career opportunities in legal practice, corporate sector, international business contracts, information technology, banking & Insurance and ADR Practice. The Best Law Schools offering BBA LLB program present in Bangalore gives utmost importance to student placements on their successful completion of the Law Programs and provides placement assistance. Therefore, if you are planning for Direct Admission in BBA LLB program at Best Law Colleges in India then Bangalore’s Top Law Colleges can prove to be the best choice for you.

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