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Master of Business Administration

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

An M.B.A. graduate usually possesses expertise in various aspects of business administration. Every day new avenues are being opened up in the world of business and companies look for individuals who possess the required skills and expertise to carry out the operations in those areas. This is where the importance of M.B.A. specializations comes in. Being a student of M.B.A., you will have numerous options to choose from as your subject of specialization. There are a variety of M.B.A. specializations in India.

The M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) is probably the most sought after and acclaimed professional. Management is the buzz word today, you can come from any walk of life, and management education becomes a must for the growth.. M.B.A. has consistently equipped students to manage, build and lead enterprises in a dynamic global economy, fuelled by technology, information and constant change. M.B.A. is a respected degree that will enhance your earning potential and career opportunities around the globe.

Career Aspect

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

An M.B.A. prepares individuals for many types of careers. According to a survey by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, 64% M.B.A. graduates of year 2012 used their M.B.A. to change careers.[ Some of the more common jobs an M.B.A. prepares one for include:

  • Business analyst or strategist ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Business development analyst, associate, or manager ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Director (of a department) ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Entrepreneur/founder ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Financial analyst ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Management consultant ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Marketing associate, analyst, or manager ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Portfolio manager ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Project, product, or program manager ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Operations analyst, associate, or manager ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

How to Choose Any Specialization

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

M.B.A. programs come in all shapes and sizes, but most prospective students play it safe and go for finance, marketing, or management. One of the main reasons for this is that they do not fully investigate the diversity of specializations out there. This is a great shame, because only once a student knows the full range of M.B.A. options available, can they select the one that best fits their career goals.

M.B.A. in Finance

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

An M.B.A. in finance is the oldest form of M.B.A. specialization and probably one of the most popular. In the US, the finance department has become a battleground for business school supremacy. With the high profile of Wall Street amongst M.B.A. recruiters, finance is one of the most eminent disciplines. An M.B.A. in finance prepares you in various subjects, such as costing, management accounting and control, budgeting, international finance, banking, privatization, capital management, etc. The course will emphasize various aspects of financial theories, identification of best managerial practices in the area. After studying these subjects, the graduate becomes specialized in financial management, enabling him or her to work in the finance department of any organization.

M.B.A. in Marketing

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

An M.B.A. in marketing is very dynamic and competitive. An M.B.A. in marketing will help enhance one’s skills & knowledge in the field of marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. One needs to have excellent communication skills and resource mobilization skills, and an undying zeal to excel in marketing. This specialization can help accelerate entry and progress in some of the most competitive fields: marketing, advertising and public relations.

M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

This is a controversial one because many claim that entrepreneurship is not something that can be taught. These criticisms miss the point that this M.B.A. is really about business administration strategies that engender the same innovation that makes entrepreneurs so successful.

M.B.A. in General Management

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

General Management M.B.A. programs are considered the standard and traditional M.B.A. programs, and are usually the most popular. General Management M.B.A. programs concentrate on providing individuals with general business administration knowledge and comprehensive insight into the core elements of business, preparing the student for a managerial position in many fields and industries. Such programs are designed for individuals wanting a broad, yet in-depth overview of business topics, enabling them to enter into any number of management roles. Courses may vary from program to program, but one can expect to learn about finance, leadership, marketing, operations & strategic management, accounting, and business ethics. This path may also be suitable for business majors unsure of what specialization to pursue.

M.B.A. in Information Technology

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

In this technologically advanced world, no business can run without solid IT support. An M.B.A. in IT is designed to educate & develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, usage and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies.

IT graduates play essential roles on the business team, typically designing and implementing hardware and software solutions to business problems. They hold professional positions in areas such as client/server or web applications development, systems analysis and network administration.

M.B.A. in Human Resource

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

An M.B.A. in HR management is for those wanting to develop a management career in HR and strategy. It teaches you the kind of skills managers need in order to bring in and retain a strong workforce, from initial recruitment to the effective training and development of employees. This includes labor markets, international leadership, recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, salary, benefits and increments, employee health and safety as well as staff amenities. If one has good communication skills and a charismatic personality, and is dependable and confident, an M.B.A. in HR can be just the thing. This M.B.A. can lead to a key role managing a company’s most important asset – its people.

Here are different Streams of M.B.A. in India

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

  • International Business
  • Media Management ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Finance
  • Marketing ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Hospitality Management
  • Retail Management ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • International Accounting Pstrongctices
  • Business Analstrongics ** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **
  • Healthcare Management
  • Event Management

Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges & Choose Specialization

So will M.B.A. be a benefit?

** Direct MBA Admission Best Colleges **

Whether or not for good cause, M.B.A.s has come under some fire recently. Robert Lutz, a well-known American motor industry businessman and notable M.B.A. alumnus, has been quoted as saying, ‘fire all the M.B.A.s’. The main argument against the M.B.A. seems to be that the institutions that provide them are unable to evolve fast enough in response to the dynamic business world. An M.B.A. can’t guarantee success in your career, nothing can in the wake of recession – but with the right hard-working and can-do attitude, an M.B.A. may serve to provide the enhancements in life and work that you are searching for.

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