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The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) is an internationally-recognized degree designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. The value of the M.B.A, however, is not limited strictly to the business world. An M.B.A can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, government, private industry, and other areas. This article deals with Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India Career Guidance.

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Insight about Master of Business Administration

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

M.B.A is a course which gives you a broad spectrum of managing your vocation, be it, engineering, finance, marketing, self-employment or any industry. Though manufacturing, production, services are the main in industries/companies, how to enhance the marketing of your products/services, how to improve the financial ability of your business/company, how to manage and improve the employee-employer relationship in an organization for better results are the key factors that u would be undergoing in the M.B.A course. So a degree with M.B.A from a reputed university will be of much value to your career.

Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India

Answer to General Doubts of a Management Student

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

  1. What are the things an M.B.A student can expect from the curriculum?

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

Good question, especially since most students expect a job from the curriculum – they seem to forget that the 2-years can add a lot of value to them. A good business school would ensure that the student gets a strong grounding in fundamentals.

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

In addition, the program would be designed to increase the student’s capacity to think and to integrate the learning in the different functional areas. And finally, the student should be able to learn to work in teams and apply what he has learnt to business situations.

  1. How is your curriculum different from what other institutes have to offer?

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

I have already articulated the kind of value a good business school should add to a student. So it’s more about understanding what a business school needs to impart and then going ahead and ensuring that you impart it well. The keys to this are the quality of the faculty and the extent of industry interface the school is able to build. I believe that Praxis is able to differentiate itself from most B-schools on both these parameters – we are lucky to have a team of very high pedigree faculty and we collaborate actively with the industry in curriculum design and delivery.

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

The fact that we are a residential, 24*7 Wi-Fi campus ensures that the curriculum is delivered anytime, anywhere and there is an enormous amount of collaboration among the different stakeholders of Praxis.

  1. How important is it to acquire an academic qualification to sharpen managerial skills?

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

An M.B.A program is more about perspective than about knowledge and skills. While there are definite additions to knowledge, the real advancement comes in perspective. The qualification is thus important as it enhances the individual’s ability to look at business from a holistic viewpoint.

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

The other important value-addition comes from the rich interaction with a vibrant student community and a strong faculty team.

  1. Does a qualification in management teach anything that pure experience can’t?

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

As they say, there’s no substitute for experience. The time spent in acquiring a qualification in management from a good institute is also part of that experience – a good B-school would create simulations of real life business situations and impart the necessary theoretical training to enable a student to understand and address these situations.

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

I would expect a business school graduate to compress the on-the-job learning curve substantially – and to be more proactive in the way he/ she run a business.

  1. What soft skills should a good manager have in these days?

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

Praxis believes that the one attribute common to all successful managers is their soft-skill proficiency – their ability to communicate, handle themselves at work and relate with people within and outside the organization they work for. From listening and communicating clearly to showing empathy and optimism to extreme self-awareness to knowing what’s going on around them, these vital competencies are an integral part of a progressive manager.

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

Managers need to improve their listening, speaking and presentation skills and have the ability to conduct themselves in formal, boardroom-like of situations, without losing sight of the virtues of empathy and team-work.

  1. Get free access to a large business network

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

As an M.B.A student, you have great networking opportunities. You’ll get to know and interact in a context that accentuates your business management capabilities with colleagues, professors and teaching staff (usually former or current potent business people, with great management experience).

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

Furthermore, if you are not doing a part-time M.B.A next to your job or within your company, you have good chances to meet potential employers through the various internships that are part of most M.B.A programmes.

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

Last but not least, you gain access to the extensive alumni network of that particular M.B.A programme. Your connections will give you a great overview of the business world, and a deep understanding of the slightest changes in the business environment. You can reflect on some big business issues, make connections between various global events and world affairs.

  1. Start your own company from scratch

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

Many students choose an M.B.A because they want to become entrepreneurs and learn how to run a successful business. They have an idea and a big dream and want to know how to turn them into reality. An M.B.A programme will help you acquire the knowledge and business practices that are needed to start a new business or help an existing business grow and develop.

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

Many M.B.A graduates end up starting their own business and those who don’t, initially land middle-level or top-level management positions within big companies. How would becoming your own boss look like?

** Direct MBA Admission Top Colleges India **

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