MBA Direct Management Quota Admission in Top Colleges India

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What’s the full Form of M.B.A?

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

The full form of M.B.A. is Master of Business Administration. It is a post-graduate degree that helps students to become experts in managing businesses in all forms. It is among the most popular qualifications to have and is widely recognized in India and abroad by the top employers. However, the M.B.A. comes in various shapes, sizes and formats. That makes it confusing for applicants to decide which format works best for their career goals.

What is an M.B.A.?

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

An M.B.A. is an internationally accepted masters (post-graduate) level degree that:

  • imparts a strong theoretical foundation in business concepts
  • provides practical opportunities (via internships, group assignments and individual projects) to test what students learn in the class
  • builds hard-skills in the areas of Mgmt. and leadership
  • polishes a range of soft-skills like communication, motivation and negotiation
  • opens up global opportunities for career growth
  • allows M.B.A. students to start an independent business after graduating

MBA Direct Management Quota Admission

Types of M.B.A. Courses

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

M.B.A Courses can come in a wider variety of formats. The type of M.B.A. programme differs according to the number of years taken to complete it & the mode by which it is taught. M.B.A. programmes can be of different types:

  • Two-year (Full-time) M.B.A ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Accelerated M.B.A ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Executive M.B.A ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Distance Learning M.B.A ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Dual M.B.A ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Online M.B.A ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

Two-year (Full-time) M.B.A

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

Most of the programmes offered in India fall under this category. The IIMs and other autonomous business schools offer a post-graduate diploma in Mgmt. (PGDM) or Post Graduate Programme in Mgmt. (PGPM) which in India are equivalent to an M.B.A. degree. Government accreditation bodies such as AICTE state that autonomous business schools can offer only PGDM or PGPM, whereas an M.B.A. can be awarded only by a university, in the two-year full-time program. The syllabi of the PGDM/PGPM and M.B.A. degrees are more or less the same, although the M.B.A degree is examination oriented and focuses on theoretical aspects of Mgmt. whereas the PGDM/PGPM is industry-oriented, make use of the case-study method of instruction, and mainly concentrates on building your soft skills.

Accelerated M.B.A

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

It is a condensed variation of the full-time M.B.A. and hence involves intense and tightly packed classes. Part-time M.B.A.: This is the best option for working professionals. Classes are held only on weekends or on weekdays after working hours. So part-time M.B.A. programs usually last 3 years or more

Executive M.B.A

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

As the name suggests, this programme is specially designed for executives and managers with a higher number of years of work experience.

Distance Learning M.B.A

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

These programs can be offered in a number of ways: correspondence courses by postal mail or email, non-interactive broadcast video, pre-recorded video, live teleconference or videoconference, offline or online computer courses. Universities like IGNOU, Annamalai, Symbiosis etc. are well-known for their distance learning programmes.

Dual M.B.A

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

Programmes where an M.B.A. degree is combined with others like MS or MA etc. This is economically viable for students and helps their tailor their study programmes according to their needs.

Online M.B.A

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

With the advent and penetration of 3G, broadband, cost effective tablets and smartphones, students from even smaller cities can go online and access lectures of world-class faculty and industry experts. The main features of online M.B.A. programmes nowadays include:

  • Fully online course with no classes to attend (only virtual classroom sessions)
  • Anytime – anywhere learning
  • Access through PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Pre-recorded and/or live lectures by renowned faculty/ managament gurus/ corporate honchos
  • Exhaustive offline & online study material
  • Relevant & up-to-date industry specific curriculum
  • 24×7 student support
  • Online assignments and exams

List of M.B.A Specializations

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

There may be numerous factors that influence your decision regarding the area you wish to specialise in. Depending upon your priority, you may choose a field as per the market demand (job availability), your interest area, preferred job profiles and the compensation package.

The list of the most popular M.B.A. specializations in no particular order is as follows:

  • Marketing ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Human Resources ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Finance ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Information Systems ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Consulting ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Entrepreneurship ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  • Operations Mgmt. ** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **
  1. Marketing

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

The increasing competition has necessitated the need for competitive positioning and excellent marketing skills including the ability to differentiate your product and create a niche for your company in order to sustain long-term profitability for your products or services. The marketing department plays a crucial role in any organization as they are responsible for bringing in new businesses, growing the revenue, increasing market share and contributing to the company’s growth and profitability.

Students opting for this specialization would be able to get insights into various key areas required for every organization or corporation, some of which include market research and analysis, competitive analysis, consumer behavior, customer analysis, business ethics, product Mgmt., brand mgmt., advertising, digital marketing and e-commerce.

  1. Human Resources

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

A specialization in HR helps you understand how to acquire, manage and retain workforce within an organization in a systematic and organized manner. This area aims to provide you with the knowledge and ability to manage employees and execute the related work processes within a company covering various aspects including recruitment, selection, training and development, designing jobs, assessments and motivation (promotions/rewarding performance of employees), health and safety, compensation and managing exits from a company.

It also involves managing relationships or any issues arising between the Mgmt. and the employees. They have to ensure that a cordial relationship exists between them for the smooth functioning and the success of the organization.

  1. Finance

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

This area seems to be a popular choice and as per Top M.B.A., it accounts for around 22% of the post-M.B.A. career choice. The irresistible pay packets offered in some of the finance-related jobs may be the responsible for the high influx of M.B.A. grads into the finance stream.

The specialization helps you get thorough insights into how the financial world functions, the various financial theories and how these can be applied to solve the various business problems.

Your career choice could be in any of these areas: investment banking, asset Mgmt. firms, hedge funds or private equity, portfolio Mgmt., credit risk Mgmt., hedge fund Mgmt. or derivatives.

  1. Information Systems

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

The use of technology has extended to almost every sector and industry which is why there’s a growing demand for professionals with a combination of business and advanced technical expertise. The specialization would help you to efficiently manage e-commerce so that you have a thorough understanding of the changes in the competitive business environment; you’d have gained the technical knowledge of emerging technologies in the IT field.

The various areas that may be covered in this specialization include systems analysis, network security, data analytics, supply chain Mgmt., e-business along with managerial decision-making as well as project Mgmt.

  1. Consulting

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

Consulting is another favorite choice, perhaps a dream destination for some. The high profile jobs offering fantastic salaries with perks and the opportunity to travel places is primarily responsible for the allure surrounding this profession.

There are various sectors related to the consulting profession including the more popular ones like strategy consulting, IT/technology consulting, operations consulting, boutique consulting to the lesser known areas like HR, investments, public relations/media, education or advertising.

  1. Entrepreneurship

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

This concentration involves developing the knowledge and strategic skills and business concepts for launching your own start-up and networking with others with an entrepreneurial vision. Entrepreneurs face the challenging task of building a business model with the available limited resources.

The curriculum combines theory with real-world projects so that you are aware of the possible roadblocks and know ways to successfully handle different situations and take the right decisions.

  1. Operations Mgmt.

** MBA Direct Management Quota Admission **

The knowledge of operations Mgmt. would empower you with the expertise required to efficiently manage the entire system related to manufacturing or services in a manner that the organization has a competitive edge over others.

The newer perspectives and the analytical skills brought in by the M.B.A. grads can help address the various issues faced towards managing the entire process which includes product design, manufacture, supply chain Mgmt., quality control, co-ordination between various teams including various decisions like outsourcing.

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