MBA (Master of Business Administration) ADMISSION in MIT

Management education in recent years has moved beyond classrooms in line with industry and macroeconomic requirements. Management aspirants are also venturing to explore opportunities in upcoming streams beyond the essential fundamental ones. . Crux of the Management is effective utilization of Resources aiming at achievement of the set goal. In recent years, there is a great demand for industry specific skill sets. This has led to emergence of Management Programmes which are in line with dynamic industry demands which promise a good future for students to pursue their dream and ambitions. This MBA programme is specifically designed for all Management aspirant looking for employment as well as budding Entrepreneurs. This two year full time MBA programme by MIT WPU is based on a unique Programme structure, Unique WPU method of Learning, Projects, Experiential Learning, Hands on Training, Internships and study tour etc.. Programme offers specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship Development and International Business. Opportunities through campus placements as well as various Entrepreneurship Development programmes shall be the significant outcomes of this MIT WPU MBA programme

Why to Choose MBA?

“Today you have to run faster to stay in the same place”  —-Phillip Kotler

This quote by Phillip Kotler; one of the most influential management thinkers in the history aptly exemplifies the dynamism and complexity in every sphere of human life including the Business Environment. With significant increase in international trade and revolution in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) the world has become a Global Village in true sense. On this background effective utilization of Resources (Human, Financial, Natural etc.) which is nothing but Management has got paramount significance! Management techniques are also undergoing a change at a very fast speed. India herself is now among the consistent and fast growing top economies of the world. Almost all the foreign MNCs are present in India and many Indian MNCs have significant businesses presence across globe. Besides the encouraging employment scenario, this growth story has created enumerable opportunities for Entrepreneurial Ventures. Hence there is a need for effective Managers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs like never before. A right career move now to take up a career in Management shall become a sure gate pass to progress and prosperity in years to come Thus MBA at the MIT WPU therefore aims to provide specialist training for Managers/Leaders/Entrepreneurs who are seeking a professional career in the industry. It is open to graduates in any discipline with no prior work experience and who are looking for a rewarding employment / entrepreneurial opportunities in Management stream. As an outcome of this Programme , students will gain professional expertise essential to achieve meaningful employment/entrepreneurial opportunities in an industry they are passionate about and which will certainly help them in their career prospects. MIT World Peace University breaths its core ethos of ‘World Peace’ through value added education. Besides attaining Economic development, Management is now effectively being perceived as a tool to achieve prosperity and peace objectives at large. Management function has a power to effectively develop and manage various Financial, Human and Natural Resources thus bringing about business prosperity as well reducing the social and economic gap in the society. Management education helps to build personal skills such as handling conflict, problem solving, and improving communication hence ‘Management’ can be used as an intervention strategy to improve quality of people’s lives. With the above background, the MIT WPU MBA becomes a necessity to develop personal skills as well as to aid in achieving broader objective of World Peace.

Programme Objectives

  1. To explore current trends and key concepts in management.
  2. To enable students to further develop analytical and decision-making skills and to encourage reflective practice.
  3. To inculcate essential business & management skills that will prepare learners for career across various corporate houses spread across diverse industry.
  4. To provide a truly engaging and enriching experience to learners.
  5. To aim for holistic development of the students by inculcating business ethics and values with a broader objective of prorogating the cause of world peace.
  6. To introduce students to a range of concepts and theories that will enable them to critically analyze Business organizations contexts and functions both nationally and internationally.
  7. To enable students to recognize, plan and develop appropriate management skills necessary to build a strong network in the industry.
  8. To help gain meaningful employment and develop Entrepreneurial Ventures.
  9. To equip the students with requisite knowledge, skills & right attitude necessary to provide effective leadership in a global environment.
  10. To develop competent management professionals with strong ethical values, capable of assuming a pivotal role in various sectors of the Indian Economy & Society, aligned with the national priorities.
  11. To develop proactive thinking so as to perform effectively in the dynamic socio-economic and business ecosystem.

Salient Features

  • A broad based MBA programme with wider choice of specialization and deeper course basket
  • Unique WPU method comprising:
    • Global Leadership Programme
    • National Study Tour-10 Days
    • World Peace Courses
    • Rural Immersion Programme-1 Week
  • Competency Mapping of every student for better career planning and progression
  • Courses taught by Management experts as well as outside industry guest lecturers
  • A dedicated last semester for Industry Internship besides Summer Internship Project and Live projects
  • A well-recognized Advisory Board of National and International Experts
  • Mentoring Programme and Unique Progress Assessment tool of ‘Learning Diary’
  • Impeccable career opportunities through Placement support
  • Opportunity to be part of organizing team of 3 mega National Events of MIT Group (BCS,NTC&NWP )

In this Programme,You will learn….

The MBA programme covers a range of core management subjects such as Managerial Communication, Organizational Behaviour, Leadership Lab, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Enterprise Performance Management, and Strategic Management etc. In this MBA programme you will learn specialisation specific subjects such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information Technology and Entrepreneurship. Students will also be given the opportunity to work on various Live Projects and Research Projects and business assignments.

How will this Programme be taught?

MIT-WPU provides a specialist management programme designed by experienced advisory board. The MBA programme provides the flexibility to allow students to get in depth knowledge of management. Programme also offers opportunities for work-based research and to undertake a company internship to gain invaluable work experience in the industry.


The Pedagogy will include but not limited to current topics, case studies which have impacted the business practices, theory and practical teaching which will provide students hands on experience, industry specific visits to companies and organisations.

Duration of the Programme

2 years Full time


  • First 2 semesters (Semester I&II) will be fundamental Management subjects and Semester III onwards students will be studying the courses from the chosen specialization.
  • Programme will have Trimester pattern with total 6 semesters spread over 2 years

Credit System

  • Each Semester will have full credit courses and half credit courses and specified value added certifications. Credit system will be choice based.
  • Full credit courses are mandatory while each semester students are free to select any 2 half credit courses from the comprehensive course basket offered.

Programme Structure

The MBA programme is a combination of:

  1. Core Courses (100 Marks each): Full Credit Courses
  2. Electives Courses (50 Marks each): Half Credit Courses

Total Programme Credits: 96(All courses + SIP+ Internship + WPU courses)

Specialization offered

Each student shall select any one specialization after semester II from the following

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Operations
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology

Programme Structure Trimester I and II will be common for all the students. Trimester III onwards students will study the specialization courses for the opted specialization. For each Trimester full credit courses are mandatory & students have free choice of selecting any 2 half credit courses from the basket.

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester I(Common for all specializations)     Management  AccountingFull3
Basics of MarketingFull3
Organization BehaviorFull3
Economic Analysis for Business DecisionsFull3
Managerial CommunicationHalf2
Legal Aspects of BusinessHalf2
MS Excel & Advanced Excel LabHalf2
Enterprise Analysis and Desk ResearchHalf2
Fundamentals of ManagementHalf2
Foreign Language IHalf2
World Peace Course- I1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester II(Common for all specialization)   Marketing ManagementFull3
Financial ManagementFull3
Human Resource ManagementFull3
Operations ManagementFull3
Leadership LabHalf2
Geopolitics & the World Economic SystemHalf2
MS Project LabHalf2
Industry Analysis and Desk ResearchHalf2
Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness LabHalf2
Foreign Language IIHalf2
Rural Immersion
World Peace Course II1
 Total Credit 17

Marketing Specialisation

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester III  Operations Research( BRM + DS)Full3
Management information systemsFull3
Consumer BehaviorFull3
Integrated Marketing CommunicationsFull3
Personal Selling LabHalf2
Business to Business MarketingHalf2
High-Technology Products MarketingHalf2
Retail MarketingHalf2
Financial Services MarketingHalf2
Agricultural MarketingHalf2
World Peace Course III1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester IV  Strategic managementFull3
Enterprise Performance ManagementFull3
Summer Internship ProjectFull5
Marketing ResearchFull3
Services MarketingFull3
Marketing to Emerging Markets & Bottom of the PyramidHalf2
International MarketingHalf2
Marketing For Rural MarketsHalf2
Product ManagementHalf2
Digital MarketingHalf2
Business Law for MarketingHalf2
World Peace Course IV1
 Total Credit 22
Trimester V  Marketing StrategyFull3
Strategic Brand ManagementFull3
Sales ManagementFull3
Marketing Channels and Distribution ManagementFull3
Marketing IntelligenceHalf2
Customer Relationship ManagementHalf2
Negotiation Skills LabHalf2
Emerging Trends in MarketingHalf2
Import-Export DocumentationHalf2
Travel & Tourism MarketingHalf2
World Peace Course V1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester VI  Industry Internship6
Total Credit 6

  Finance Specialization

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester III  Operations Research( BRM + DS)Full3
Management information systemsFull3
Direct Taxation – IFull3
Strategic Financial ManagementFull3
Management of Banking Operations – IHalf2
Insurance Management – IHalf2
Financial MarketsHalf2
Management of Financial Institutions and ServicesHalf2
Strategic Cost ManagementHalf2
Human Resource AccountingHalf2
World Peace Course III1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester IV  Strategic managementFull3
Enterprise Performance ManagementFull3
Summer Internship ProjectFull5
Direct Taxation – IIFull3
Financial ServicesFull3
Management of Banking Operations – IIHalf2
Insurance Management – IIHalf2
Financial Risk ManagementHalf2
Behavioral FinanceHalf2
Business Analysis and ValuationHalf2
Financial Derivatives – IHalf2
World Peace Course IV1
 Total Credit 22
Trimester V  Indirect TaxationFull3
Corporate FinanceFull3
International FinanceFull3
Corporate and International Financial ReportingFull3
Project FinanceHalf2
Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementHalf2
Financial Modeling Using ExcelHalf2
Financial Derivatives – IIHalf2
Cases in FinanceHalf2
World Peace Course V1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester VI  Industry Internship6
Total Credit 6

Human Resource Specialization

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester III  Operations Research( BRM + DS)Full3
Management information systemsFull3
Labour Laws IFull3
Organizational PsychologyFull3
Organization Design & DevelopmentHalf2
Designing of  HR PoliciesHalf2
HR ResearchHalf2
Workplace EthicsHalf2
Talent ManagementHalf2
Personnel Administration & Compliance ManagementHalf2
World Peace Course III1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester IV  Strategic managementFull3
Enterprise Performance ManagementFull3
Summer Internship ProjectFull5
Performance Management SystemFull3
Labour Laws IIFull3
Power, Politics & Leadership in organizationsHalf2
Instruments in HRD & ODHalf2
Competency MappingHalf2
Coaching & MentoringHalf2
PR & Corporate CommunicationHalf2
Conflict & NegotiationHalf2
World Peace Course IV1
 Total Credit 22
Trimester V  Industrial Relations & Labour WelfareFull3
Strategic HRMFull3
Compensation ManagementFull3
International HRMFull3
Succession Planning & Employee EngagementHalf2
HRM in service SectorHalf2
HR ConsultingHalf2
Emerging trends in HRHalf2
Human Side of Mergers & AcquisitionsHalf2
World Peace Course V1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester VI  Industry Internship6
Total Credit 6

Operations Management Specialization

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester III  Operations Research( BRM + DS)Full3
Management information systemsFull3
Inventory ManagementFull3
Quality ManagementFull3
Six SigmaHalf2
Toyota Production SystemsHalf2
Productivity ManagementHalf2
Maintenance ManagementHalf2
Theory of ConstraintsHalf2
Technology ManagementHalf2
World Peace Course III1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester IV  Strategic managementFull3
Enterprise Performance ManagementFull3
Summer Internship ProjectFull5
Production Planning & ControlFull3
Logistics ManagementFull3
Modeling Techniques for OperationsHalf2
Quality Management StandardsHalf2
Lean ManufacturingHalf2
Business Process ReengineeringHalf2
World Class ManufacturingHalf2
Financial Perspectives in OperationsHalf2
World Peace Course IV1
 Total Credit 22
Trimester  V  Operations StrategyFull3
 Supply Chain ManagementFull3
Materials ManagementFull3
Project ManagementFull3
Challenges and Opportunities in Operations ManagementHalf2
Global LogisticsHalf2
Supply Chain AnalyticsHalf2
Enterprise Resource Planning
Green Logistics & Supply ChainsHalf2
Designing Operations SystemsHalf2
World Peace Course V1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester VI  Industry Internship6
Total Credit 6

International Business Specialization

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester III  Operations Research( BRM + DS)Full3
Management information systemsFull3
Global Business EconomicsFull3
Export Documentation and ProceduresFull3
Global ManagementHalf2
Global MarketingHalf2
Global Financial ManagementHalf2
International IT ManagementHalf2
International Logistics & Supply ChainsHalf2
Designing Organizations for Uncertain EnvironmentHalf2
World Peace Course III1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester IV  Strategic ManagementFull3
Enterprise Performance ManagementFull3
Summer Internship ProjectFull5
Global Business EnvironmentFull3
Indian Economy and Trade DependenciesFull3
Global Relations & ManagementHalf2
Environment & International CompetitivenessHalf2
Marketing to Emerging Markets & Bottom of the PyramidHalf2
Cross-Cultural MarketingHalf2
Foreign Exchange ManagementHalf2
Enterprise Resource PlanningHalf2
World Peace Course IV1
 Total Credit 22
Trimester V  Global Marketing ResearchFull3
Legal Dimensions of Global BusinessFull3
International Strategic ManagementFull3
International HRHalf2
WTO and Intellectual Property RightsHalf2
International Competitiveness and Strategic AlliancesHalf2
Global Diversity ManagementHalf2
Digital MarketingHalf2
International B2B MarketingHalf2
World Peace Course V1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester VI  Industry Internship6
Total Credit 6

Entrepreneurship Development Specialization

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester III  Operations Research( BRM + DS)Full3
Management information systemsFull3
Entrepreneurship & InnovationFull3
Entrepreneurial Leadership SkillsFull3
Business Strategies for EntrepreneursHalf2
Entrepreneurship Opportunity AnalysisHalf2
Entrepreneurs – Case studiesHalf2
Project ManagementHalf2
Family Business ManagementHalf2
World Peace Course III1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester IV  Strategic ManagementFull3
Enterprise Performance ManagementFull3
Summer Internship ProjectFull5
Developing Business PlanFull3
Entrepreneurial Laws – Policy & GovernanceFull3
Social EntrepreneurshipHalf2
Digital MarketingHalf2
International Business Management (I)Half2
Agri BusinessHalf2
Sustainable ManagementHalf2
Supply Chain ManagementHalf2
World Peace Course IV1
 Total Credit 22
Trimester V  Finance for EntrepreneursFull3
IPR ManagementFull3
Business AnalyticsFull3
Business IncubationFull3
International Business Management (II)Half2
Quality Management & ControlHalf2
Government Schemes for EntrepreneursHalf2
IT Management -LabHalf2
Marketing Strategies for EntrepreneursHalf2
Managing Corporate EntrepreneurshipHalf2
World Peace Course V1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester VI  Industry Internship6
Total Credit 6

Information Technology Specialization

TrimesterCoursesType of course (Full credit/ half credit)No. of Credits
Trimester III  Operations Research( BRM + DS)Full3
Management information systemsFull3
Software EngineeringFull3
Software Project ManagementFull3
E commerce ApplicationsHalf2
Mobile ComputingHalf2
Computer NetworksHalf2
Database Management SystemsHalf2
C programmingHalf2
Philosophy for science and spirituality1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester IV  Strategic managementFull3
Enterprise Performance ManagementFull3
Summer Internship ProjectFull5
System Analysis and DesignFull3
Information Security ManagementFull3
E GovernanceHalf2
Business Intelligence ToolsHalf2
Cyber LawsHalf2
Android Application DevelopmentHalf2
C ++ programmingHalf2
Study of World famous philosopher Saints, Sages and Scientists.1
 Total Credit 22
Trimester V  IT Infrastructure ManagementFull3
Cloud ComputingFull3
Business AnalyticsFull3
Technology ManagementFull3
Java ProgrammingHalf2
Python ProgrammingHalf2
Decision Support SystemsHalf2
Artificial IntelligenceHalf2
Machine LearningHalf2
Software TestingHalf2
Scientific Studies of Peace, Mind, Matter, Spirit and Consciousness1
 Total Credit 17
Trimester VI  Industry Internship6
Total Credit 6

Total Programme Credits: 96(All courses + SIP+ Internship+ WPU courses)

Guest Lectures

8 Guest Lectures per semester from National and International Speakers

Value Added Certifications

Students will be offered value added certifications like Dale Carnegie, Six Sigma, and Digital Marketing etc. to bolster value addition.

Live Projects

Each student will work upon at least 1 live project for a specified course. Thus each student will undertake minimum 2 live projects in the entire programme other than Industry Project.

Summer Internship Project (SIP)

After the semester III, each student will undertake an SIP for a period of 60 days with Industry. After completion of SIP students will rejoin the programme for Semester IV. SIP based report evaluation through a viva voce will be done in Semester IV. SIP will be a full credit subject.

Industry Internship

Each student will undertake extensive Industry Internship for the entire semester VI. Students will be assessed for Internship report.

MIT-WPU Method

MIT-WPU has its unique, well thought and effective method of Learning and acquiring skills.

Global Leadership Programme

To prepare students for the challenges of the global employment market and to strengthen and develop their broader personal and professional skills, MIT-WPU has developed a unique Global Leaders Programme. The objective of the programme, is to provide practical career workshops and experience in diverse business cultures. The workshops will be more challenging and rewarding, giving you the opportunity manage people, coach and mentor others, and build on your leadership qualities. Additionally, you will still have the opportunity to visit large multi-national organizations.

International Exposure

In order to create graduates who are ready to become global leaders, it is vital that they gain the relevant experience on an international stage. The MIT-WPU Method will give you the opportunity to learn and embrace different cultures from all over the world.

Business and Industry Leaders Talk

An important part of the programme is to meet and hear from current industry leaders and renowned speakers. Throughout the duration of the programme, you will be able to learn from the experiences of current business professionals, leaders, motivators, experts and many more to gain an in-depth understanding of how their business has grown and adapted to issues such as technological advances and globalization.

University-Institute Collaboration

University Institute collaborations with leading universities across globe. Collaborations will include webinars, expert talks, certifications and understanding research practices.

National Study Tour

Each student will go for National Study Tour. National Study tour will include visiting companies/organisations of prominence to learn from their operations. National Study tour will be of approximately 1 week.

World Peace Courses

Semester I to Semester V, will have 1 World Peace Course with due credits

Rural Immersion Programme

    • Duration: 1 week
    • Objectives:
      • To Sensitize Management students towards realities of rural India by immersing(staying) in the villages
      • To Contribute to Rural development especially for activities related to Management/administration
    • Method:
      • Organizing events/seminars in rural parts with involvement of local rural youth
      • Studying challenges faced in Rural Economic setting and suggesting solutions

Film appreciation

Each student will have film appreciation related to Management on a continual basis.

Autobiography and enriching reading

Students will be provided inspiring biographies and books to read and will be asked to share their reviews in group.

Events under MBA

  • Corporate events: HR Meet, Brand Conclave
  • Intercollegiate: Business Plan and other Management Competitions
  • Social Events: Peace Walk

Advisory Board

Dr. Santosh BhaveSenior Vice President – HR, IR and AdminBharat Forge Ltd.
Dr. S RajagopalChief General ManagerRBI, Mumbai
Mr. Jitendra PaturkarGeneral Manager HRCummins India Ltd.
Dr. Mahesh DeshmukhDirector Business DevelopmentMaruma Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Jaideep KotnisCountry Head HRJapfa Comfeed India
Mrs. Kavita KulkarniVP and Head HRInfosys Limited
Mr. Rajendra KembhaviGM HRTech Mahindra Ltd.
CA. Anil PatwardhanSenior Vice President Corporate Finance & GovernanceKPIT Technologies Ltd.
Mr. Vinit TeredesaiChief Finance OfficerHSBC Global Technology Centre
Mr. Neeraj MadhekarVice PresidentYES Bank
Mr. Jaydeo Iyengar‎Director – CommercialTech Mahindra Ltd
Mr. Manish KeswaniDirectorMAK Media Creation Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Pankaj GangradeVice President Sales & MarketingSECO Tools India Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Balajith ShettyMarketing and Tech ConsultantOxyrich – Dhariwal Industries Ltd. (F & B Division)
Mr. Amit GajwaniSr. VP Business Development.Cybage Software
Mr. Ankush MalhotraRegion Head , Corporate Communications & EventsBNY Mellon India
Mr. Perminder SinghAVP- OperationAdlabs Entertainment
Mr. Umesh DeshpandeDeputy General ManagerMercedes – Benz India
Mr. Niranjan UpadhyeDeputy General ManagerGreaves Cotton
Mr. Sudhir LaturkarG M (World Class Quality)Tata Auto Comp Systems Limited
Dr. Suresh VishwanathManaging DirectorSumeru Learning Solutions/Sumeru Strategic Initiatives
Mr. Kailash KatkarCEOQuick Heal Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Ravi TejaSenior Vice PresidentNihilent Technologies
Mr. Omkar PanseAssociate Vice PresidentKPIT Technologies Ltd.
Mr. Jayprakash SomaniManaging DirectorNishant Publication and Aaronica Global EXIM Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Hiren ShahHead-Energy BusinessPanasonic India Pvt. Ltd, Industrial Division
Mr. Sanjay PatwardhanHead and CEO, Business IntelligenceCybage Software
Mr. Somesh ChablaniSenior DirectorSungard Offshore Services (India)
Mr. Nitin KulkarniExecutive DirectorPersistent Systems
Prof. (Dr.) RoshanLal RainaProfessor & Ex DeanIndian Institute of Management, Lucknow
Dr. Anant SardeshmukhDirector GeneralMCCIA
Mr. Sharad GangalExecutive Vice President HR, Admin, IR and Member of Executive CouncilThermax India
Mr. Dinesh DeoChief Executive OfficerBNY Mellon (India)
Mr. Sameer BakshiVice President , Head Legal & ComplianceBajaj Alianze Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Adv Shrikant MalegaonkarAdvocate at Mumbai High Court
Mr. Advait KurlekarCEOUpohan Management Consultants
Mr. Pritam Pavatkar‎Sr VP & Global Head of Alliances & PartnershipsTech Mahindra Ltd.
Mr. Shrikant SambhoosConsultant – Business/ Strategy/ Technical/ Systems/ Processes
Mr. Prashant PansareManaging DirectorInteliment Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Milind KshirsagarFounder & ChairmanTiruBaa Technologies Pvt Limited
Mr. Shishir VaidyaFounder & Chief MentorPune International Incubation Centre
Mr. Sajju Jain FounderStandard Skills Development Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Farhan PettiwalaPresidentEnactus India
Mr. Santosh DeshmukhAssociate Vice PresidentDeutsche Bank
Mr. Pradeep LokhandeFounderRural Relations
Mr. Mohamed Saliem ParkerSenior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance Head of International ProgammesSchool of Business University of Central Lancashire, UK
Dr. Amir RezaVice Provost International & Multicultural EducationBabson College, USA
Mr. Tavengwa MukuhlaniManaging DirectorZimbabwe Pharmaceuticals, Zimbabwe
Mr. Belmont NdebeleManaging DirectorMetbank Limited

Industry / Subject Experts

Besides in house faculty the above extensive pool of industry and academic experts from Advisory Board are periodically invited for interaction/guest lectures on their subject expertise


A blend of periodic written assessment and Continuous Assessment will be used for better student engagement and effective evaluation

  • Components of Assessment are suggested as
    • Course Work : 20 % Weight
    • Final Semester End Written Exam : 30 % Weight
    • Continuous Assessment (by course teacher) : 50 % Weight
  • Continuous Assessment (Concurrent Evaluation): A continuous assessment approach in Trimester system (also known as internal assessment) is spread through the duration of course and is done by the course teachers. The continuous assessment provides a feedback on teaching learning process. The feedback after being analyzed is passed on to the concerned student for implementation and subsequent improvement.

Award of Class/Grading system

The Grading system ensures natural classification in qualitative terms rather than quantitative terms since it expresses a range /band of scores to which a learner belongs such as O, A, B, C, D, E& F


Well-equipped state of the art classrooms, seminar hall, conference rooms, computer labs, activity area, sport facilities, Wi-Fi campus


Students shall get career opportunities across diverse industry sectors for summer as well as final campus Placement

Life @ Campus

  • Well-equipped state of the art Classroom
  • Auditorium
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Sports Infrastructure
  • Student Support
  • Social Media Hub

Programme Intake



Candidate should be a graduate from any statutory university with a minimum of 50% marks (45% for SC/ ST) at graduation level. Candidates appearing for final year examinations can also apply, but their admission will be subject to obtaining a minimum of 50% marks (45% for SC/ ST) at qualifying examination.

Admission to MBA

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

  • Passed with minimum 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent to CGPA (45% for reserved categories).
  • Equivalent eligibility qualification recognized by Ministry of HRD.
  • Bachelor’s degree awarded by Deemed Universities approved by State / Central Legislation under section 3 of the UGC Act 1956.
  • Appeared for final year of Bachelor’s Degree condition to fulfilling basic eligibility.
  • Candidate appeared and secured positive non zero score in MAH-CET 2017 .
  • Candidate appeared and secured positive non zero score in CAT (conducted by IIMS) / JMET (Conducted by IITS) / MAT (conducted by AIMA in February 2017 / XAT (conducted by XLRI) / ATMA (conducted by AIMS) for the year 2017.

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