Mount Carmel College Fees Structure

Mount Carmel College Fees Structure

Based on the departement you choose Mount Carmel College fees structure will be varied but is fairy affordable to assured of quality teaching and training.

Arts Cousre Fees Structure

CourseDegreeDurationModeFeesApply Now
ECONOMICS[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now
ENGLISH LITERATURE[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now
HISTORY[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now
JOURNALISM[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now
POLITICAL SCIENCE[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now
PSYCHOLOGY[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now
SOCIOLOGY[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now
TRAVEL & TOURISM[B.A]3 YearsFull Time36,000/yearApply Now

Science Cousre Fees Structure

CourseDegreeDurationModeFeesApply Now
NUTRITION & DIETETICS[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
BIOTECHNOLOGY[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
BOTANY[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
CHEMISTRY[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
CLINICAL NUTRITION[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
COMPOSITE[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
COMPUTER SCIENCE[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
ECONOMICS[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
ELECTRONICS[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
LIFE SCIENCES[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
MATHEMATICS[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
MICROBIOLOGY[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
PHYSICS[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
ZOOLOGY[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
FASHION AND APPAREL DESIGN[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
INTERIOR DESIGN[B.SC]3 YearsFull Time54,000/yearApply Now
BIOCHEMISTRY[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
BIOTECHNOLOGY[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
ELECTRONICS[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
LIFE SCIENCE[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
MATHEMATICS[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
NANO SCIENCES & TECHNOLOGY[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
PLANT SCIENCE[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now
PSYCHOLOGY[M.SC]2 YearsFull Time67,000/yearApply Now

Commerce Cousre Fees Structure

CourseDegreeDurationModeFeesApply Now
TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT[B.COM]3 YearsFull Time42,000/yearApply Now
PROFESSIONAL[B.COM]3 YearsFull Time42,000/yearApply Now
INDUSTRY INTEGRATED[B.COM]3 YearsFull Time42,000/yearApply Now
BUSINESS PROCESS SERVICES[B.COM]3 YearsFull Time42,000/yearApply Now

Disclaimer : The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee on the accuracy of information. We recommend you to verify the information from college website as there may be changes from time to time.

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