VELTECH University Chennai


Veltech: Vel tech engineering college 
We would like to see Vel Tech as a top tier research university one among the best in the world with international reputation for outstanding research. Considering the fact that we already have innovative interactions with industries , Vel Tech scale and breadth of excellence will provide a fertile ground for breakthrough collaborations .

Vel Tech has been uniquely positioned in its program design, content and delivery systems. It has such a comprehensive amalgamation of current and developing technologies interwoven with multidisciplinary applications, research and industry requirements in a variety of programs at under graduate and post graduate and doctoral levels of learning – a feature very rare to find across the country.

In short Vel Tech will emerge a Center of Excellence in Research and Development in Automotive and Aerospace Engineering and in interdisciplinary studies in Bio-Medicine and Engineering which will envelop the faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Technology and Humanities. This will bring scientists of all disciplines under a single roof. This Vel Tech Team of scientists will strive for international recognition and honor by creating a global impact on the well being of humanity.

In this age of global competition, a nation’s growth, stability and sustainability are directly proportional to its ability to innovate and convert innovation to meaningful utility. Research and its application hold the key for this. Therefore the existing Research organizations in India should desist from creating islands of isolation and come out of the shell to cooperate and collaborate with institutions with knowledge resources like is the practice in Europe. Industries and the Government as we see in China must play a pro active role with liberal sharing of resources and own up meritorious and significant research projects. Given the demographic profile which is a unique asset India will have for the next three decades, India must be a great contributor to world’s prosperity and Vel Tech will surely play an active role and turn a destination for learning and research.



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